Roaring City Festival

Join us for Roaring City- Chicago’s newest 2 day neo-vintage music and performance festival! Featuring live bands, DJs, sideshow, circus, burlesque, ambient performance and more!

The Roaring City festival celebrates the future in the spirit of yesteryear- bringing vaudevillian style entertainment from all over the United States for one weekend of awe and delight. You’ll be taken through time in the heart of historical Logan Square within our prohibition era host venue, The Logan Square auditorium (built in 1915).

It’s an old time spectacular event with a futuristic twist. Featuring a huge variety of performance, you’ll be amazed by stage acts, laugh aloud to circus clowns, dance like no-one’s looking to DJs, rock out to electrified swing-style bands, and be enticed for more every step of the way.

In addition to non-stop live entertainment, Roaring City will feature a vendor market curated with the crafts people and artists of Chicago.


Enjoy a super cut promotional video for our annual Carnivale Delirium event!

Editing and composition by:

Pete Augusta Design


Headlining Acts:

Defunk – Calgary, Canada
Slynk – Brisbane, Australia
Sepiatonic – Portland, OR

With Special Guests:

Duke Skellington – Los Angeles, CA
Fou Fou Ha – San Francisco, CA
My Pet Monster – Kansas City, MO
Ninjula – Los Angeles, CA
Squidling Brothers – Philadelphia, PA
Vourteque – Chicago, IL

And Featuring From All Over North America:

Dr. Rocktagon
Faith In The Glitch
Flec Mindscape
Glitch Gatsby
Gurl Haggard
Hindrance & Hysteria Ft. Lindsey Marks & Scott Merchant
Jain Dowe
Jezzibel Bates
L Wacker
Lady India
Lady Jack
Lil Bump
Luxotica Lounge Cabaret
Mackenzie Moltov
Mr. Automatic
Nikki Palumbo
Phantasmagoria Ft. Lady Lennox
Rouge! Neo-vintage Dance Party
Sio Bast
Sloth Brigade
Super Smash Atoms
Tomcat Trumpet
The Tripp Brothers
Vivacious Miss Audacious
The Vertical Sideshow Ft. Ray Gunn

The Roaring City Festival is brought to you by Calliope Presents and Wavelength Productions