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The Fool is a musical story of betrayal brought to life by…
Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks of Lady Jack Entertainment, Andy Ramsey, Jason Kraynek of JACENK.NET, Stephanie Marie Schultz, James Frederick Wagner of Strobe Recording and Yokai Films with special thanks to Tierza Scaccia Actress

Based on original character and performance art created by: Lindsey Marks (Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks)
Story concept by: Lindsey Marks and Stephanie Marie Schultz
Additional story development by: Andy Ramsey and Jason Kraynek


Written by: Lindsey Marks and Andy Ramsey


Director and Editor: Andy Ramsey
Director of Photography and Colorist: Jason Kraynek
Choreographer: Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks
Wardrobe Stylists: Stephanie Marie Schultz and Lindsey Marks
Set Designer: Stephanie Marie Schultz
AC/Grip: Robert Felker
PA: Dan Wasik


The Fool – Lindsey Marks Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks
Showgirl – Eva la Feva
Ringmaster – Joseph Cr Vourteque
Masked Juggler – Brad French
Pole Duo – Anghell (Stanley Escobar) and Ray Gunn
Veil Dancer – Gaea Lady (Andrea Mattson)
Ladies Auxiliary Circus Club – Josephine Shaker, Laura Schofield, Samantha Siren, Deirdre Doll, Ms. B LaRose (Brenda CaBee), Ray Ray Sunshine (Lisa Marie Ray), Stephanie Smith


Singer – Stephanie Marie Schultz
Upright Bass, Guitar – James Frederick Wagner
Original song “You Lost Me”, written by: Christina Aguilera, Sia Furler, Samuel Dixon
Musical Arrangement for “The Fool” by: James Frederick Wagner
“The Fool” Recorded and Produced by: James Frederick Wagner at Strobe Recording in Chicago, IL


Accordion, Piano – Ronnie Kuller
Upright Bass – Jamie Wagner
Drums & Percussion – Larry Beers
Acoustic Lead and Rhythm Guitars – Brian Wilkie
Trumpet & Trombone – Justin Amolsch, Brass Player
Lead Vocals – Stephanie Marie Schultz
Additional thanks to: Luke Holladay, Tonika Todorova and Silent Theatre Company
Shot on Location at: Chopin Theatre, HQ and Somebody’s Attic